Main role of AC contactor in stainless steel distribution box

Time:2019/11/5Author:adminClick: 1753
The main function of the stainless steel distribution box communication contactor is to be able to control the load distribution box. It can also switch on and off the circuit and also has the function of low voltage release protection.

In the summer, when the high temperature is used, the same power is reached. The stainless steel distribution box as the electrical equipment will have a larger load in the summer, and there are many low-voltage electrical components inside the distribution box. Therefore, we need time to pay attention to these internal electrical equipment. The situation is that the communication contactor in the stainless steel distribution box is one of them.

For different presentations, the installation of the same capacity communication contactor, the need to take into account the imbalance of the three-phase load, will be part of the current level of the contactor can be improved on a normal selection model to a current level selection, otherwise it will be simple to lead to high temperature operation Presenting a situation in which the communicator is burned out.

The communication contactor of the stainless steel distribution box needs to select the energy-saving communication contactor, and pay attention to the communication contactor coil voltage and connect the corresponding terminal of the remaining current action protector, pay attention to the correct load matching.

In the selection of the communication contactor, the product with insulation class a and above should be selected. It must be ensured that the rated current of the main circuit contact point should be greater than or equal to the line load current being controlled. The contactor's electromagnetic coil is rated at 380V or 220V, and the coil is recommended to be used within the range of 80% to 105% of the rated voltage.