What is the difference between stainless steel distribution box and FRP distribution box?

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I believe everyone should know that the distribution box is generally divided into two types of distribution boxes, stainless steel and glass steel, and they can be designed and manufactured according to the user's samples and drawings. But they differ in:
    The stainless steel distribution box is made by cutting, bending and welding stainless steel plates. The flexibility of processing is great. The FRP distribution box and the PC-type plastic distribution box, their specifications are already dead, and they are manufactured according to the mold processing. It is not easy to change the size specifications at will, and the cost will increase.
    If the customer's usage is not very large, and it is a conventional distribution box, it is recommended to use metal processing. For the use of non-standard metal distribution boxes, and the amount is not particularly large. Sanpower Electric recommends that you choose a stainless steel distribution box. Because it is less rusting and beautiful than iron. Processing and production is more flexible. Although the cost in a single manufacturing is higher than the cost of a FRP distribution box and plastics. But the cost of molds for FRP distribution boxes is high and scary. For the case where the dosage is not very large. Under the overall cost comparison. It is also recommended to manufacture stainless steel distribution boxes.
    In terms of transportation. Due to the violent transport that logistics companies may cause. Stainless steel distribution boxes are more susceptible to long distances during transportation. And it's not easy to break.
    It can be seen that there is still a difference between the stainless steel distribution box and the glass distribution box! However, as long as you like, stainless steel, glass distribution box as you choose, open the door and the stainless steel can be customized for you! Open door red stainless professional production of stainless steel distribution box, stainless steel distribution cabinet, stainless steel base box, stainless steel meter box, stainless steel cable branch box, all kinds of lighting boxes, power boxes, multimedia information boxes, TV telephone boxes, network boxes and other products. Our company continues to purchase advanced production equipment, introduce new materials, new processes, and make products popular, serialized and quality.